Monday, April 9, 2012

First Run in Allterra Game

Late last night, I was able to run Duke Barclay and Kyrinn S. Eis through a few hours of an alpha version of my Allterra fantasy faux-China setting.

I have decided to combine the setting name into one, and it is now: Legends of the Celestial Empire.

The PCs visited a city portion of the setting.
Ichiro Daiku (Duke's foreigner, a Japanese Samurai) and Shen Mei Xiu (Kyrinn's Martial Artist, a native to the empire) are the very first characters to play in Allterra and in my setting specifically.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brother Damien Bernard Becomes an Abbot


Of the Oratory of the Monastery

Let the oratory be what it is called, and let nothing else be done or stored there. When the Work of God is finished, let all go out with the deepest silence, and let reverence be shown to God; that a brother who perhaps desireth to pray especially by himself is not prevented by another's misconduct. But if perhaps another desireth to pray alone in private, let him enter with simplicity and pray, not with a loud voice, but with tears and fervor of heart. Therefore, let him who doth not say his prayers in this way, not be permitted to stay in the oratory after the Work of God is finished, as we said, that another may not be disturbed.

(Chapter 52 of the Rule of St. Benedict)

Through his travels and adventures, Brother Damien Bernard has acquired a piece of land and an abbey. It is built in the Cistercian style. Brother Damien gave this monastery to the Holy Church, as is proper to his vow of poverty, which forbids the accumulation of wealth or goods beyond daily necessity. Damien's Father General reported this to the local Bishop, who in turn brought the matter to his own superiors.

The ecclesiarchy of the Holy Church has placed Brother Damien in charge of the abbey. Brother Damien is of sufficient level in game terms now to undertake such a task, so I have decided to "retire" him from Flailsnails games to pursue this as an NPC in my own games. (I would like to thank here all of the GMs and players that I have had the pleasure of gaming this character with).

As an abbot, Brother Damien Bernard is quite intent on making sure the Rule of the founder of his Order, St. Benedict, is adhered to devoutly. Of great importance to Brother Damien is the practice of praying the Daily Office of the Breviary and the celebration of daily mass.  He has called chapter 52 of the Rule to the attention of the Three Followers and Nodger as a solid foundation upon which to begin this new work of God. -|-

With four monks being the initial basis of the abbey of St. Benedict, Brother Damien begins his existence as an NPC abbot.