Monday, August 28, 2017

Castle Keepers Guide

I am perusing the 2nd printing of the Castle Keepers Guide, today.
So far the sections on magic staves/wands and expanded equipment lists have been of interest (a cool staff and a 4 oz. jar of honey are just what my Halfling Druid NPC needs!).

I am just about to read one of the last sections of the book on the mechanics of the Siege Engine (the main driving force of the Castles & Crusades ruleset), so that should prove to be very useful!

The whole book is great fun and filled with tons of info that could potentially be of use to both players and Castle Keepers alike! I am so glad I scored a copy. Currently, the Castle Keepers Guide is 50% OFF at the Troll Lords Games site.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Goblins of Mount Shadow - a low-level adventure for C&C

Next Sunday, I run the Castles & Crusades adventure: Goblins of Mount Shadow for my new roleplaying group :)

While the basic plot isn't too bad, there are a some minor issues I find with the adventure straight as written, so I am altering a few things to make it my own. That is the Castle Keeper's prerogative and I will exercise it .... hopefully a fun session will be had by all!

The goblinoids and dark fey creatures in this should keep my players' characters busy  ;)

P.S. This will be the first time that I have EVER used a published/pre-generated adventure module in my entire GM'ing career of over 40 years! Also, it will be the first time I have run a
Castles & Crusades game. Strange, huh?