Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cottingley Fairies « HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT

The Cottingley Fairies « HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT


The Cottingley Fairies hoax ... or was it? ;)
An example of how the Fey supposedly interact with those that believe in them and reverence their existence.

Unless a fairy is caught in view by some particularly stealthy or magical person/creature or they are distracted for some reason, most folklore states that fairies and the like are rarely, if ever, seen. In game terms, this would explain why many people, especially those that do not live close to nature in their daily lives, do not believe in them.

In Sylvaeon, the Fey have existed from the dawn of the world and have lived side-by-side with human beings and all others since. They do not willingly show themselves to anyone perceived as a threat. An innocent child may see them (as was purported in the Cottingley story) or a prankster Fey creature may be briefly seen at the moment it springs its trick upon an unsuspecting human being. Other than that, only the Druids, Elves or similar character types will usually ever have meaningful contact with the Little Folk.

A free PDF scan of the book that the Cottingley fairies were copied from is available here:

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  1. I like this shift to more fey-centered content. I am writing a horror novel with a fey as the baddie so I will be checking in often. Good post.

  2. sounds like a great novel concept!
    I will be posting the Darker Side content in the next day or two. It is written, just need to format it and add something.