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The Bane Toad Ritual

The Bane Toad Ritual
some demented Medieval guy's idea of a toad
A Bane Toad is a magical creature that is created using a ritual on the night of Samhain, the same night which the Holy Church calls All Hallows Eve. Only an Evil/Chaotic Witch or Sorcerer can create a Bane Toad.

The Ritual:
During the night of Samhain, the foul practitioner takes a live toad and places it into a pumpkin which has had the pulp and seeds removed from it. Into the pumpkin is placed a pint of fresh blood, which may be the magician's or someone else's. Three Belladonna leaves are placed in with the blood. The live toad is then put into the pumpkin. The pumpkin is placed over a fire made from coniferous tree branches.

A chant is said over the components as the finally toad boils to its demise:

“In dark night I give of life that woe and ward may become a snare.
Ere one touches this creature again, methinks they should show 'ware!”

Once the creature dies, the pumpkin is removed from the fire and the admixture is allowed to cool.
Eventually the now dead toad will hop out of the gourd. Its appearance will have been altered. This newly created corruption, a Bane Toad, will have pale greenish-white skin. It continually oozes a mucus that is poisonous to the touch. It can also bite someone for the same poisonous effect. The Bane Toad will now have only one, great, bulbous red eye with a yellow pupil. The creature is now able to see not only what it could beforehand, but also invisible beings and also “see” vibrations of moving living beings in even pitch blackness.

a handsome, newly created Bane Toad

The Bane Toad is not a familiar, though its creators sometimes keep them as a pet. Its purpose it to ward and watch over a person (the creator or other) or a singular object. If anyone other than the creator of the Bane Toad attempts to harm the person warded or touch the object so warded, the Bane Toad will attempt to bite them. If a saving roll vs poison at a difficulty of -2 is not made, the person bitten or who touches the toad will become paralyzed for 1 to 6 hours. If the Bane Toad is to guard a person other than the creator, its poison will not affect them.

The object or person warded is chosen by the Witch/ Sorcerer at the time of its ritual creation. Once the person or object and the toad are joined, the toad will never willingly leave its obligation. It must be destroyed before it stops its warding. Of course, the creator or the person it wards could do so easily. Bane Toads are considered a highly prized pet and guardian by rich, decadent nobles, who will willingly supply ALL of the components, as well as a substantial sum of money to have one created for them, because of their rarity. They are considered a status symbol by those twisted enough to buy the creation of one and are handy for magicians, to safeguard their person or magical grimoire, etc. The toad will croak an alarm if the thing they ward is harmed/touched.

The Bane Toad is a ½ HD creature (1 to 3 Hit Points)
Bite for 1 HP of Damage + Saving Roll vs Poison or become paralyzed for d6 hours.
(Touching the Bane Toad also requires a SR vs Poison)


Components as related in the Bane Toad Ritual description:
  • Live toad
  • Pumpkin
  • 3 Belladonna leaves
  • Coniferous branches
  • 1 pint of freshly spilled blood

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