Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knights of Sylvaeon

There are a few variant tales regarding Chapel Perilous in Arthurian literature. One telling of involving Lancelot in Henry Gilbert's King Arthur's Knights is my favorite. It is based on Sir Thomas Mollory's work, but has a bit more flair:

"By the ghostly light that came from the windows of the ruined chapel he saw that under the eaves were hung fair shields, with rich devices, and all were turned upside down.

Many of them were those of knights he had known or heard of, long since
dead or lost. When he had made a few steps on the grass-grown pathway
towards the door, of a sudden he saw, coming from the church, thirty
tall knights, each a foot higher than he, each in black armour, and
each with sword uplifted, as they rushed towards him.

Their feet and their armour made no sound as they pressed forwards, and
a thin blue flame licked about each naked sword.

They came upon him, but Sir Lancelot, with a prayer to God, dressed his
shield and sword and stood firm, though his flesh quaked and his tongue
clave to the roof of his mouth. They mowed and gnashed at him, and
heaved their swords about him; then suddenly their vizors went up and
he looked into their faces. And at that he was sore adread, for he knew
they were dead men.

But he would not be overcome, and said in a loud voice: 'In the name of God, avaunt ye!'

He made a step forward, and they scattered before him, but followed
closely behind. Then he went into the chapel...

In the Realm of Sylvaeon, the Paladin is a type of Pious Knight. There are two kinds of Paladins in Sylvaeon:

1)  The one directly rooted in Arthurian tales, similar to Lancelot du Lac and Sir Galahad, etc. This knight is one that serves the Holy Church and its beliefs fervently. In addition to adhering to the Code of Chivalry, they also swear the following:

  • Obedience to God and the Church
  • Chastity
  • Poverty

2) The second kind are those knights that swear full fealty and service to the White Lady of Sylvaeon. Generally, only Elves and Fae Folk can be Knights of the White Lady. A rare boon has been granted a few worthy Humans to serve in this capacity by the Silver Lady herself. The Knights of the White Lady swear to general chivalrous conduct and also the following:
  • To serve the White Lady as their liege mistress
  • To protect the Balance of Sylvaeon
  • Never to betray the secret ways to the Green Isle
Where the interests of the Realm of Sylvaeon coincide with those of the Human kingdoms, there has been known to be cooperation in the ancient past. Generally, the fae knights do not interact with Humans or let their presence be known. Most of the fairie paladins reside on the Green Isle itself, protecting the Silver Lady and the mysteries of Sylvaeon.

Males and Females may both become knights of the White Lady.

(more to follow later)