Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections at the Cusp of a New Year

Well, it has been an interesting year for me personally and in the gaming community.

I switched out my old blog, which had a decent amount of traffic for this one... less traffic here and this blog has a different tone, yet overall I am pleased with that decision. Focusing on Sylvaeon is bringing it to life in 2012, so it was worth it. I should do some posts similar to my old Retro RPG blog at times, though... some were plain fun to do, so there will be more non-Sylvaeon/Fey material here this coming year, too. Also, I need to review a bunch of products I have gotten last year or at least give them a nod and my two cents worth of note.

On the personal front, this time of year is one I both love and loathe: Winter !!!
So far the weather has not been much to speak of. It was the first Christmas without full ground cover of snow that I can ever remember. I shouldn't complain about that, because doing so will probably bring a blizzard down upon my head! In Sylvaeon, that is just the sort of thing that might happen to a traveler that doesn't appreciate the weather they currently have.

This time of year, I feel much like the Vikings, who dreaded the Wyrd of the Wild Hunt; hunkering down and laying low so that no inauspicious "doom" would beset them. The lesser daylight saps me of energy, because I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) along with my other myriad insanities that make me who I am. Thus, I apologize to those awaiting my campaign - rest assured it will launch shortly. I hope a few sessions will get the kinks out and set a good tone :)

This past year has been a great one for Google+ Hangout gaming, as many know so well! I have played in many excellent games such as:
  • Evan Elkin's spooky and strange Nightwick Abbey
  • Chris Kutalik's kickass Conan/ZEFRS
  • Kyrinn S. Eis' Tunnels & Trolls homebrew exotic weirdness
  • Steven Goodman's trip back in time to The City State of the Invincible Overlord
  • Greg Backus' OD&D-like homebrew with an underground civilization 
  • Rob Cortigino's hilarious and deadly OD&D dungeon crawl
  • Brian Meredith's Mouse Guard campaign
All of these were great fun! I appreciate the efforts of all of the players and the GMs that ran them.

Yep, 2011 has been a good year of gaming, with so many cool products appearing, Hangout games, good blogs to read and a friendly community that seems to love the game ... may the fellowship always stand together!

May 2012 be wondrous for you all  :)


  1. It's great having made your acquaintance, and gaming with you is a blast. Looking forward to your Sylvaeon campaign.

  2. I hope we all have some dice rollin' fun!