Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cosmology of Sylvaeon (#2)

Silent, the mist forms slowly. Coalescing over aeons, shifting unhurriedly in the deep quiet of sleep, the mist dreams of all things magical and beautiful. In slumber undisturbed by time, when time was not, the Presence slowly gathers her wispy, wraith-like form and sleeps on... weaving dreams within dreams.

Eventually, after uncounted eras, the Presence stirs amidst her luxuriant nocturnal fantasy and a great isle rises from the vapors. Her mirthful mind begins to enter the reverse twilight of sleeping to waking and stirs again; some of the vapor becomes a sea that washes back and forth upon the rocky island, an aqueous heart set in motion. More quiescent gestures and the psyche of the Presence is almost awake, now. A soft, pinkish light emanates dimly from the Eastern horizon as a young star begins ascending over the mighty ocean of preternatural consciousness. Casting off sopor, the sentience opens her blinking eye upon a new world. A cool morning breeze touches her cheek softly. Hovering high over the clifftop of the green-covered isle, a seagull cries out as it glides, like an infant coming from its mother's womb, seeing the world for the first time. Sunbeams lightly illuminate the foam of waves lapping at the white sands below, while the canopy above is steadily bluing.

A knowing smile of contentment spreads across the face of this newly formed realm. “Yes, awaken now likewise, my beloved children.” Sylvaeon is born...

(note: this is a rough draft version of the Sylvaeon intro)

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