Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wilderness Creature Encounter: Borealis Spider

(Deadly Borealis Spider stalking its victim)

In the coldest, frigid Arctic places of the realm of Sylvaeon live the deadly Borealis Spiders. During extremely bitter and long-lasting Winters, they have been known to migrate down during the season into the colder temperate regions. The largest among them are sometimes solitary creatures. However, a hunting pack of a few to a dozen spiders roaming together is the usual behavior for these icy, deathly stalkers.

These spiders are extremely silent stalkers. Also, when they remain motionless, these creatures look like snow and ice, blending with chameleon-like ability into such Arctic and sub-Arctic terrain. If lying in wait for the kill, the spiders can only be discovered on a 1-in-6 chance by normal vision. They range in size from a small piece of ice when young (1 HP) to that of a large boulder (10 HD). They are extremely patient hunters who pounce on prey when they least expect it. They look like tarantulas made of snowy fur and icy limbs. Borealis Spiders (also known simply as Ice Spiders) are patient and aggressive hunters.

The poisonous bite of the Borealis Spider freezes those who fail a save to ice. Their saliva unfreezes the frozen flesh, which they eat. Every other round, the spider may also cast a web of sparkling ice particles, which will immobilize those it ensnares, doing d6 cold damage per round. The web may be broken only by great strength (18+ ) and then only by a Save vs Strength) or by causing the web 6 points of damage for spiders that are from to 1 to 5 HD. It takes 12 points of damage to break the web of those that are larger.

Heat/fire do double damage on the Borealis Spider. Impact damage is normal, but slashing, and piercing do half damage. Cold heals Borealis Spiders on an equal point ratio.

  • 1 bite for 1 point per HD + Save vs Poison or freeze solid … still ALIVE!
  • Spin web every other round to immobilize + d6 damage per round (Save vs Immobilization/Paralyzation causes only half damage, but the victim is not immobilized).

Movement: The movement speed of Borealis Spiders is that of most man-sized creatures (double for those that are the largest variety).

The Borealis or Ice Spider is a feared and deadly creature to encounter... and those that do encounter them seldom realize it.... until they are being eaten alive!

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