Tuesday, November 15, 2011

School girl recovering after 'goblins' attack

A reported case of a modern goblin attack!

I find this article (linked below) very interesting because it involves:
  • Goblins
  • Witches
  • a Prophet

According to the article, the unnamed school girl was calling out the names of the witches. This act somehow provoked the goblins to attack her, She claims they come after her and demand for her "flesh and blood".

If this were a weird fantasy adventure, I would imagine that the witches disliked their names being called out by the unwitting girl for no purpose and that they sent the goblins to wreak retribution. Is there now a curse upon the girl and perhaps her village? Will the prophet be able to help? Would the PCs need to destroy the goblins and ultimately the witches?

This is surely a case where "real life" is stranger than fiction! 

Check out the news story here:

I definitely see an adventure in this story!

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