Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sylvaeon Session #3 - The Outpost

"…Finally, at dawn, after meager rest, we forced march to relative safety. By dusk, our party stumbled wearily into the Wayfarer's Inn. There, the Loremaster's sweet songs and Matilda's hearty meal lulled us into dreams of the White and Blue Dragons until morning came and found us once again on our way."
-from the travel journal of Oban, Elven Ranger/Thief [Michael Henry's character]

At the end of Session #2, the character had a reprieve at the Wayfarer's Inn, where they're served cheerfully by the proprietor's wife, Matilda. The wine was still not to Parcifal's liking, but the ale there is good, as is all the ale from the nearby village of Arrowmouth.

A restful night and a bright, clear morn made for a good day's travel that next day. The temperature was still hovering around the freezing point, so it had been mild weather-wise so far.
Around mid-day, from the sides along the boggy sides of the ever deteriorating road, two greyish-white giant toads attacked the party; one giving out a croak and a blast of cold air that froze Airyka' the Sword Sister's arm. Parcifal tried to parley with it, but to no avail.After the PCs recovered from the ambush, that creature was wounded slightly, then jumped and plopped unceremoniously in front of the party. Kelvin, the resident mage, put the grotesque creature to sleep.The other toad thing rose and Smyrynel took a non-combative attitude towards it - the creature proceeded to try to blast cold at her, but missed. Brandished her blade at the one attacking her, the female paladin told it to desist. After blinking it's eyes, it leapt off and did as Smyrynel had instructed. Leaving sleeping toads lie and force marching onward, the PCs reached the Warden outpost just before dusk.

Gildiril, the Warden Master, came and greeted the recruits outside of the gates to the fort. Once inside, the PCs were given quarters and all but Smyrynel shared a meal and later some Pixie wine, with their fellow wardens, becoming inebriated. The solitary female elf, Smyrynel. keep a vigil outside. Reaching out for the guidance of the blue moon, she was "told" that a missing warden elf was still alive. She had gone missing some weeks ago and though lost forever.

After a few weeks of training in special skills chosen by each of the adventurers, they were chosen to remain as a group to become a Wayfaring patrol to be sent out into the nearby wilderness. However, the night before their departure, the goblinoids that make infrequent raids upon the fort, probing the outpost for weakness, had returned in numbers. Setting fire to the wooden palisade and hurling spears and arrows at the defenders, things looked grim. The PCs slayed around a dozen of the foul creatures, but a couple of them took hits from the spears and poisoned arrows. Oban, the ranger/thief took out a few with well-placed arrows, but had to be healed from the poison of those that were returned at him. Smyrynel's bowstring broke during the exchange of missiles and Kelvin tossed flash bombs at the goblins, burning several to death. Parcifal helped put out the fires, his cloak becoming burned in the process. Finally, the loss of so many of the raiders forced the goblinoids to retreat back into the night. The outpost had a breach in it;s timbers, but all inside were now safe - there were no casualties among the defenders.

At the dawn, New Year's Day of 10,000 SRC (Sylvaeon Revised Calendar) the PCs set off into the wlderness, provisioned and with their mandate… so their true duty as Wardens of Sylvaeon begins...


  1. Frak, I missed it or forgot...what ruleset are you using?

  2. @ Bard: Thanks! I hope the players are having as much fun as I am ;)

    @ Anthony: I am using a modified OSRIC. The Hit Point system is almost a straight ripoff from Arduin. I have an affinity for the Arduin Hit Point System, because I played so much of it back in the day. My campaign is still deadly, though... several of the PCs would already be dead if it weren't for the front-loaded Arduin system. The rise in HP is very slow after the initial number.

    I chose OSRIC for the AD&D clone flavor and the moderate bonuses for ability scores, which I fell are a bit too high in AD&D for my tastes as a GM. As a player, I would want every advantage I could get hehe.

  3. Nice. I was looking over my Skyrealms of Jorune boxed set last night (1985) and thinking once again about adapting their wound system for D&D.

  4. Seems that we gaming geeks love to mix and match campaign settings and rule sets ;)