Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The World as the PCs Know It!

What the PCs know of the world so far
  1. Village of Arrowmouth
  2. Wayfarer's Inn
  3. Warden Outpost
This is the Realm of Sylvaeon, as the PCs have seen it so far!

The village of Arrowmouth, on the Broken Arrow River, has a population of just over 500. It has a 90% Human population, made up of the Folk, the oldest race of human beings to initially come to Sylvaeon. The rest of its inhabitants are mostly Wood Elves and Gnomes. The village was re-established only about 50 years ago in the growing effort to reclaim areas that were inhabited during the time of the Great Wars. Fishing, farming and brewing are its main industries.

The Wayfarer's Inn sits at the junction where the tributary river, Drake's Wash joins the Broken Arrow River. It is frequented by the Wardens, trappers/hunters and the few other brave souls that try to make their living in the wilderlands. The place is very clean; the food good. Its ale is imported from Arrowmouth, which takes pride in the quality of the intoxicating beverage. The Old Road, which has fallen into disrepair more and more as it leaves the village, leads along the river to the Inn, but does not continue much beyond it.

The Broken Arrow River is a difficult one to navigate by boat, if not impossible at times. Filled with boulder, rapids and a strong stream, the river is a hazard to the unskilled. The Drake's Wash is more shallow and passable, but few even know what lies upriver.

The fortified Warden Outpost has been only recently been built. It serves as a boot camp for Warden recruits and as a vanguard against the dark forces which are encroaching once more from the wilderness. It seems the reintroduction of the Folk and their allies does not sit well with the foul denizens that have taken over the forest which lays near it. The outpost is used to send patrols out to hold such things at bay and to gather information as to what lies in the forgotten wilds.


  1. That looks so cool! What kind of software do you use for these hexes?

  2. @ George: Hexographer is one: http://www.hexographer.com/

    hexGimp addon script w/ Gimp is another: http://axiscity.hexamon.net/users/isomage/gimp/hexgimp/

    There are others out there, but I find these two to be popular and they are both cross-platform!