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Cultures of Sylvaeon - The Folk

Cultures of Sylvaeon - The Folk

The Folk are the descendants of the oldest human race to inhabit the Realm. The Folk generally have a ruddy brown or fair-skinned in complexion. Most range from 157 to 177 centimeters in height. Common hair colors vary from black, brown to red. Their builds tend to be medium, but that also can vary. The Folk are mostly farmers, fishers or tradesmen. Their dwellings and villages are homey and tend to impact the environment minimally.

They first appeared approximately 4000 to 3500 years prior to the current year 10,000 of the Sylvaeon Revised Calendar. In the past, the Folk quickly became allied with the various Elven tribes in the areas that the Folk initially inhabited upon their arrival in Sylvaeon. The Folk are not a particularly warlike people, but during the Great Wars 3000 years ago, the Folk joined with the Elves to fight in the great conflict that swept over the known lands of the time.

The Folk almost as a whole have reverence and love for the White Lady and hold a deep respect for the Aeternal Realm of Sylvaeon. The ones that felt the most affinity with the land became the first of the Druid and Foresters, who worked to preserve the Balance of nature and the harmony of the Folk with all of the creatures they dwelled in the land with, whether Fey or feral.

The Great Wars decimated much of both the Elven and human populations. After that time, the surviving Folk emigrated from the decimated land to other portions of Sylvaeon that were less tainted. Over the millennium, the land has become restored. During the past few centuries, some of the Folk have returned to their old places of dwelling. Some of the past monuments to the heroes of the Great Wars remain, but little else. The past culture of the humans in these areas has effectively been erased. Having preserved the ancient lore and traditions of the Realm, something calls the Folk back to restore what was.

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