Sunday, March 18, 2012

System Conversion & the Allterra Project

News about converting Old School to Basic Role Playing or other related percentile systems & the Allterra Project:

What began a few months ago as an idea to convert my Sylvaeon campaign as seamlessly as possible from AD&D/ OSRIC to Chaosium's Basic Role Playing system is taking on shape as a conversion project. Kyrinn Eis and myself have been working on this and will be releasing the book sometime in the near future.

Even though it has initially been focused on converting Old School characters to BRP, one of the things that we are doing is making the conversions work with the related games to BRP, such as Legends, Runequest, Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu and the like.

This conversion system will allow Old School characters to play in the native percentile system of some of the Allterra Project world settings. Opening up the various settings and games to work together is very exciting.

Jack Ackerman is working on his Ruins & Ronins-based Setting. My own counterpart post-Warring States faux-China setting is also in the works. Other Allterra GM's that have so far volunteered settings include Kyrinn Eis, Michael Henry, Reynaldo Madrinan.

I am thrilled to see these two projects integrated. It will make a great test-bed for conversion initially and hopefully long-term fun for those that visit these world settings!

More information to follow shortly...

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