Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Map of Sylvaeon as the PCs know it

The two rivers in confluence towards the middle of the map are:
The Broken Arrow River (coming from the North)
and the Drake's Wash (coming from the West)

The last two sessions took place primarily at the Goblinoid Totem/Burial area & the Moon Well, both to the North.

Soon the PCs will be headed to the Outpost (except one who is going for a retreat to the Cliff cave shine) and then to the Wayfarer's Inn (which sits at the confluence of the two rivers)

The village at the Eastern edge of the map is Arrow's Mouth. The village population is approximately 500 people. 98 % are human, the rest being Elves and Gnomes.


  1. so what is the scale your useing on the hexmap?

    looking pretty good!

  2. approx 6 mile across (I just go with that general number and not worry about exacting details). It seems to work well so far :)

    Thanks for the compliment, Jack. I have been working on part of the expanded hex crawl map today, covering large areas on all sides of this root map