Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Adventures in Castle Nicodemus

To the reverend Father General, the continuing travelogue of your most faithful and humble servant, Brother Damien Bernard.

Yet again I find myself in the strange land that resembles our own. Nodger, the novice you sent with me those many long days ago still accompanies me. He does me great service in recording many things of interest along our journey. I give you the happy news, should my missive reach you, that his spiritual formation seems to be progressing well.

Once more my young novice and I entered Castle Nicodemus. This time we were accompanied by another of the odd stunted men, a rather strange warrior and a very clever roguish-type of woman. The woman seemed to have the gift of tongues, for when we encountered a troupe of the goblins, creatures seemingly straight out of my childhood nightmares, she was able to converse with them in their monstrous, heathen speech. The initial encounter was at first hostile and I sent one in flames to the abyss. Several others were killed, but of four of the creatures, we spared their miserable lives. The woman who spoke their foul language apparently took them on as hired hands.

I still cannot locate an intact herald of the lord that ruled the once mighty castle, but I am amazed at the bas reliefs inside of Castle Nicodemus that still survive at least partially intact. The figures seem to be similar to the old Imperium's style. They certainly remind me of the cult of physicality that it had. They are beautiful, if a bit martial in nature. Some of these were defaced in a lewd manner by the goblin things. The acolyte Nodger and I removed the defacing marks as best we could. It is a pity to see ancient objects of art ruined so. How I wish I could arrange for some of these to be placed in the vaults of the mother Church for further study.

I was able to come away with some of the old bottles and other glassware we came upon. I feel these will be a good gift for the bishop's residence. They are of high quality and in various colors. The more I explore this ruin, the more I appreciate the aesthetic tastes that these people must have had.

Leaving Castle Nicodemus, I rejoin the caravan and pray that Providence will lead me this time back to the lands of my birth… and to the sanctuary of the Holy Church.

+ Faithfully set down in this, the Year of Our Lord Unknown, by Brother Damien Bernard


  1. +200xp for Brother Damien. That's a great goblin pic - adding it to the stable!

  2. Ah, the great Goblin! Good to hear from the good brother.

  3. @ Michael: you go against the grain to imply heavily that your goblins look a lot like the ones from the animated version of The Hobbit, so Brother Damien must be the dutiful reporter he claims to be ;)

    I think with all of the pooh-poohing of certain creates that happens in the OSR, it's nice to see GM's just do what they want and have a good time doing it.

    @Anthony: The good brother is probably homesick, as the travelogue seems to always indicate, but as long as he has breath, he will continue to record his journey, in hopes that someone may find them needful.