Sunday, February 26, 2012

Session #7 of the Aeternal Realm of Sylvaeon

Well, it was a strange session for the characters in Sylvaeon today.
They succeeded in clearing the cliff cave of the hundreds of offspring of the giant phasing spiders that they slew last session. The baby spiders phased in and out and bit the PCs repeatedly for 1 point of damage every time, but they were finally burned out from the cave. The PCs also restored an ancient shrine that had been disturbed within the cave, with its elven metal statue and thousands of  silverish coins - of which only a few PCs dared take any (and a small amount at that!).

A new party member, Brynn (a Sword Sister) joined the party when she was sent to track down the other wardens to inquire about the status of Lydia, an elven Warden maiden that they had rescued last session. Brynn slew some of the creatures that appeared later, but did not avoid being hit by several arrows.

Oban the Ranger hunted to replenish the dwindling rations with some venison.

They encountered a shamanic goblinoid burial platform in the woods north of the riverside cliff cave. Evil juju magic struck the Sword Sister Airyka, but they were able to overcome it by destroying and burning the burial platform and its hideous humanoid and fur banner (complete with animal skull and a red crescent moon upon it). However, the black smoking fire alerted the nearby goblinoid tribe patrols who engaged the PCs with hit and run tactics. The party overran some of the retreating goblinoids and slew them viciously.

The bombs of the wizard, Kelvin the Curious, once more were used against him and he suffered other further humiliations at the hands of an old man that Smyranel, the female elven paladin of the White Lady "detected" as being non-existent. The old man was "rescued" from the goblinoids, but was really a manifestation of Corruption. The male paladin, Sir Parcifal, tried to heal the old man, but instead took a great amount of damage as the old man revealed his malice with black energy that struck the paladin as he laid on hands. The "old man" levitated was enveloped in a thing black swirling mist and began to cackle and taunt the PCs, telling them they were fool, that their path was only a dream and that everything they do only serves him. The old man was deal damage to all of the party by telekenetic-like slaps, black flames, etc. Nothing they did affected him, except Smyrynel's abjuration, which she accomplished by burning her point of Wyrd.

Smyrynel taunted the corruption manifestation, but he did not leave before telling Smyrynel that he would have the last laugh.

The moon pool situation has not yet been discovered by the PCs, who were sent to investigate an unbalance in it by the druid Mellion from his slumber in his ice block amidst a grove.

If the PCs survive the next session, perhaps they will discover what is infecting the Aeternal Realm of Sylvaeon.


  1. Man, I wish I was in this campaign! I really enjoy reading game accounts by really creative DM's. Lately as a player I've been involved in a whole lot of dungeon delves. I'd love being in more of a "world" setting. Sounds like fun!

  2. What George said. Sounds like a great game.

  3. @George: I will try my best to get more DMing time in, especially once I set up the Asian Fantasy Project (which will be Flailsnails).

    I hope Sylvaeon matures enough to have a micro-setting version of it available for that, too.

    @Trey... thanks I appreciate the thumbs up from those who read my blog. I have to say that both you, Trey, and George contribute a lot to the gaming community, so I am honored that you check in here.