Sunday, February 12, 2012

Core of the Asian Fantasy Project

Recently I made a post to my RPG circle in GooglePlus:

"After talking with a few people and getting some possible co-Dungeon Masters, we are planning a shared world in a Fantasy Asia-like setting.

This would be a FLAILSNAILS game. I chose the faux China portion, others doing the ancient Japan part. Tentatively, I thought the Asian Fantasy Project would be a fair enough overall working tittle, with each DM having a game name for what they run. My section I was thinking of naming:The Legends of the Celestial Empire.

The rule set [Edit: that I will be using] would be based upon Swords & Wizardry or LotFP + Ruins & Ronin (with whatever home brew rules each DM wanted).

I have been working on some classes specific to the Celestial Empire. I also have the basis of just what the FLAILSNAILS characters would be exploring. Typical "Medieval Western" type characters will be welcome in my game, but some incentives for playing my classes will also be given.

Hopefully within a couple of weeks I will have a definite timetable for my section's launch. I am also hoping that much FLAILSNAILS madness will ensue! :)  "


I don't want this project to take away from the Aeternal Realm of Sylvaeon campaign, so it is slowly progressing, but Sylvaeon takes precedence. Still, I am happy to be working on this co-operative setting. 

There is a bit of nostalgia related to this, because I played a few AD&D 1e Oriental Adventures in a campaign that had over a dozen friends in it back in the late 80's to the mid-90's. One of them was a pacifist Shugenja (a Soto school Zen priest) and the other was a Ninja (who eventually became an incarnation of death).

Having had so much enjoyment playing those characters, I thought bringing some of that fun to the G+ Flailsnails peeps would be a fun idea.

Above and below are some pics of my much beloved and much used OA book (click for larger images)


  1. I'm planning on picking up "Ruins and Ronin" when my tax refund gets here. I've been eyeing it for a while.

  2. Well worth it - the price is nice, too.

  3. This sounds like a really fun campaign. I own OA, but I've only skimmed it. I've never played an Asian themed character in any game. I might have to check out Ruins & Ronin.

  4. Ruins & Ronin is a nice OD&D-style take on OA :)