Friday, March 30, 2012

What does WFRP have to do with China?

my recently (re-)acquired WFRP 1st edition hardback
Yeah, what does Warhammer Fantasy Role Play have to do with China?
To be honest, not a whole lot, unless you take the weird fantasy elements of WFRP, mix in Kung Fu movies, a bit of twisted history, some gonzo from Big Trouble in Little China and mix them all together. I will be giving some more teaser information in an upcoming post.

That is going to be some of the flavor of my Allterra Project setting: Legends of Wei - The Celestial Empire. It is a fantasy faux-China setting.

Allterra is a shared settings "world" which will have several GMs. Each will run their own setting, with PCs transferable between settings. My portion of the Allterra Project is humming away.  I am currently working on game mechanics and my sandbox setting, itself.

Allterra will run on several different game systems, with characters converted back and forth for transference between settings, if need be. Allterra will also be Flailsnails Compatible. Indeed, if it were not for the original Flailsnails Conventions, this in-progress project would possibly not have even been conceived. In this regard, much is owed to those original masterminds, Flailsnails GMs and players that have participated in it. I have enjoyed Flailsnails games much myself. It is in that spirit that I am hoping Allterra will give back to the Flailsnails community by being Flailsnails Compatible.

In fact, Brother Damien Bernard, my now 5th level Cleric, was made specifically for Flailsnails. I used the Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Grindhouse Edition to generate Brother Damien. As a retro clone, the LotFP system had the feel of weird fantasy to it, so I chose it above others.

an interior shot of the score I got for 20 bucks...and it's a first GW printing straight from the UK!!!  (Click for a larger image)

With Legends of Wei: The Celestial Empire, I want to impart a flavor that is a bit sweet and sour ;)

The influences that I choose besides those that come from my own head are an important factor, so I guess that is what Warhammer Fantasy Role Play and a host of other things have to do with China.

(more to come...)


  1. Nice result. I still have my copy, but mine was a paperback edition, so I took it to a local bookbinders and had it turned into a hardcover version. Love the game system and the setting.

  2. wow! That is so cool that you could get yours made into a hardbound!
    I had this printing "back in the day", bu my ex tossed it out on me... Grrr! I am pleased to get it back as one in decent condition.

    WFRP is a gem among gems

  3. Congratulations on the awesome score! Also, this setting sounds excellent. I will keep watching with great interest.

  4. Thanks, Michael...BTW, Kyrinn & I were talking about your GM skills and Castle Nicodemus tonight as examples of great technique in RPGs and a great setting!

  5. Wow, thank you! That means a great deal coming from the two of you :)