Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Previously Unrevealed Region of Sylvaeon

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This is an area in the western part of the continent where my Sylvaeon campaign primarily takes place. The city of Seahaven is situated on a bay in the South Western hex side of this regional map. Seahaven is not very old, in game terms. It is populated by mostly humans. It has existed in its present incarnation for about 500 years, but the land had been settled several times before in ancient times, the city being built upon the older ruins.

Seahaven is effectively a city state. It is ruled over by a regency and a bicameral parliament - one of the noblility and the other made up of civilian merchants and many political factions).

By the way, my players have never seen a population center larger than a village at this point... though they have been told that cities do exist!

This is only a draft map of the area, made with Hexographer, which I am still learning.

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