Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tales From Wilderland Release Info

The printed copy of Tales From Wilderland, the second core book of three slated for The One Ring rpg is supposed to be released today (but I think "this month" will be more realistic... I hope I am incorrect. I have pre-ordered a copy of this on Amazon and hope to see SHIPPED appear on my order list soon ;)

Only recently, I read through my copy of The One Ring prg rules, so I am no expert on The One Ring, but I know what I like. The faithfully Tolkien flavor this game evokes is incredible. I am hoping Tales From Wilderland will sustain that atmosphere, while adding extras to one of the coolest Hobbit / Lord of the Rings derived games ever!

I will update when I actually receive my copy :)

Here is a video regarding Tales From Wilderland that was posted at Cubicle7's website this morning
With the print release of Tales from Wilderland fast approaching, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan discusses the book and his work on The One Ring line. Part one in a series:

Original link:

EDIT: I originally pre-ordered Tales of Wilderland last year when it was scheduled to come out in December. Then the release date was changed to August 1, 2012, so I cancelled. As of tonight, there is no sign of it being released on Amazon or on the Cubicle 7 forums. As a matter of fact, there is some hubbub about a cancellation of another pre-order The One RIng product that was supposed to come out at GenCon. Rumors of licensing issues with the Tolien estate abound, but there is nothing definitive being said by Cubicle 7 yet. I hope this doesn't point toward the potential of TOR products not ever being released again :(

Also, PDFs of The One Ring products are no longer for sale. Another suspicious development, to be sure.

For some of the gossip, official statements and confiding of fears that the TOR line may be dead , scroll back and forth amongst the pages of this forum thread:

Live TOR, live !!!

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