Sunday, August 12, 2012

Autumnal Wonder

The magnificent Lady in her Autumn aspect
Seasons and rhythms are very important in Sylvaeon. Everything cosmological, if in harmony with the Realm, occurs at its appointed time. As such, it is only appropriate that this blog's theme change as it always does with the passage of one phase of the mystery to another.

The Autumn Court is a time of festivity for the Fey Folk of Sylvaeon, when they present themselves before the Lady, whose raiment has changed into the colors of Fall. During this season, the Lady is known as She of Auburn Hair, for her appearance has changed - and the Realm matches it with its own display. Lovely and serene as she mingles with her loyal Fey subjects, the changing of the seasons gives great pleasure to the Fair Lady. During it, she shows her most generous aspect to them. Gifts are given to the myriad citizens of the realm in appreciation of their devotion to the magical Fairy Queen. All are thankful for the peace and the magical land she has created for their benefit. All love her and rejoice.

This little fairy on the blog background is prepared to see her Queen and partake of the feast and fun that only the Fey know. Mortal man and others thank the Lady for her blessings of the harvest and prepare for the Winter ahead, confident that all will be well.

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