Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fairies of Autumn

Autumn in Sylvaeon is both a time of solemnity and celebration.
As the leaves turn with all of their majestic colors, it is a time of fading. The flowers and leaves depart for a time, from Autumn into the season of dying, which is the Winter. Yet, with the withering of the blossoms and the falling of the leaves, the magic of Sylvaeon is not diminished. Each petaled flower, each fallen leaf is but a fairy waiting to be freed again, only to come back in the Spring.

As they are released, the beloved little friends come before She-of-Auburn-Hair for that season's celebration with all of the citizens of the Seelie Court.

She-of-Auburn-Hair greets each one with a kiss and a gift. The time for festivity and preparation for the long Winter begins...

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