Friday, August 10, 2012

My Use of Technology For Roleplaying Games

My Nook Color ready for 2e game
Many of the Old School Renaissance folks are linked together as a community because of technology. Things like Skype or Google+ Hangouts allow gamers from all over the world to enjoy RPGs through the magic of technology [I suspect Tinker Gnomes created these things].

I use Google+ to be alerted when a fellow gamer posts on their blog, because many tell us on G+ that they have updated it. For me, it is easier than using an RSS feed application, because I just have too many blogs I like to keep track that way. I do the same thing on GooglePlus, making a note there to my Roleplaying circle that I have a new post on this blog.

There are players and GM's that use laptops and smart phones, etc. to aid in game play in face-to-face sessions. Dice rollers are a common use of tech, as well as having character sheets that can be altered fluidly during the game, available in real time to both the player and GM simultaneously. I personally have used Rock and Roll Dice Roller on my Mac and Google Docs for character sheets and other information that can be accessed from any computer. Documents in or uploaded to Google Docs can be made available to only yourself or to anyone you wish.

For my AD&D 2nd edition face-to-face game, I have decided to use my Nook Color to hold tables and my pdfs of gaming materials. RPGNow and DrivveThruRPG are merged, and are great sites to purchase gaming pdfs of all sorts. Many helpful electronic aids are also free for the downloading!

It is probably obvious that in the 21st century technology of some sort has crept into roleplaying. The types of application of tech in RPGs is almost endless. I used to be a pen & paper purist until recently. Google+ has done a lot to change my mind... which is something new my own 35+ year gaming experience. I feel I am better off as a player and GM by using such technology wisely.


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